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BESTO CALMAX Nk Fertilizer Solution 10 - 0 - 8 (16 Ca0)

BestoCalmax is a plant nutrient made of using high-technology containing high-ratio of Calcium (Ca), Nitrogen (N) and potassium (K). Calcium is one of the most important building stones of the plant tissue. The deficiency signs emerge at the growth points and young leaves. The young leaves are deformed, black-brown spots are seen at the edge of the leaves and the leaves are curved toward down and up. Blossom-end rot is seen with the tomatoes and pepper varieties, bitter spots with the apples and hollowness can be seen with the citrus fruits. BestoCalmax application increases the fruit thickness and hardness, prevents splinting up and crackage and increases desirability. BestoCalmax gives the plant tissues resistance against the frost and pestilent and protects against the fungi and fungal diseases. It is the liquid fertilizer containing potassium (K) and Nitrogen (N) at high ratio together with Calcium which is the first in the domestic production. Potassium provides the ripening and coloring of the fruits. Potassium is directly effective to the quality and the extension of the shelf life of the harvested fruit. It is of the metabolic, physiological and biochemical function having vital importance with the plants. It contains potassium at complex structure manufactured in the way to be taken easily by the whole of the plant. It can be applied both through the irrigation system and the leaves. It permeates into the structure of the plant in very short time following the leaf and root application. NITROGEN (N): It is necessary for many vital reactions. Nitrogen is necessary for new cell formation and continuation of the cellular activities. It is necessary for normal root and body development. It is existed in the structure of protein, chlorophyll, nucleic acid and amino-acids.

Total Nitrogen (N) %10
Nitrate Nitrogen (NO3-N) %10
Water Soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O) %8
Water Soluble Calcium Oxide (CaO) %16