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SUPER X Amino Acid-containing Liquid Organic Fertilizer

Amino acids are simple molecules which are the part of proteins. And they have a complex structure of chains. All amino acids contain carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, as well as sulfur and phosphorous containing amino acid types. Among the amino acid groups, one of the most important groups for plants is the L-free amino acids. SUPER-X 10% is very fast and easy to take as it is purely made vegetable. 
Benefits of using amino acids;
1-To ensure healthy and abundant yield of the plant minimizing the stress factors.
2-To prevent problems that may occur during fertilization and fruit formation.
3-Some energy is used to form amino acids in roots. When we give the amino acids SUPER-X 10% instantly which is needed by the plant, the plant does not consume it in root and use its energy in other activities.
4- Another feature of amino acids is to chelate the trace elements and facilitate their transport in the plant. 
Important and useful amino acids for plants,
L-Glycine: It has high chelating power, it provides chlorophyll formation.
L-Glutamic acid: It has high chelating power, it provides chlorophyll formation, it allows the intake of other amino acids.
L-Methionine: Provides fruit formation, regulates nutrient uptake, promotes protein metabolism, increases root development.
L-Lysine: Increases fertility by increasing pollen productivity. Nutrient regulators, includes nitrogen.

Total Organic Matter %30
Organic Carbon (C) %8
Organic Nitrogen (N) %1
Water Soluble Potassium Oxide ( K2O) %3
Free Aminoacid (aa) %10
pH %3,5 - 5,5