Specific Products / SUPER FULORA XY


• SUPER FULORA XY is a product that distributes the whole of the nutrients (biological chelator) to all organs of the plant by providing them with the leaves, trunk, branch and root systems at the same time as  the generative and vegetative activities.
• SUPER FULORA XY functions the enzymes in the plants intensively. Plant growth on the plant is accelerated to a healthy extent. It accelerates the metabolic activities of plants regularly. It increases the germination power of the plants. It increases the resistance against disease and pestilents.
• SUPER FULORA XY makes plants more resistant to soil pathogens and pests as a result of plant root system development.
• SUPER FULORA XY provides a dense chlorophyll synthesis because it allows plants to undergo photosynthesis at every temperature and light intensity. This increases the amount of protein and carbohydrate in the fruit by meeting the organic substances needed by the plant, thus increasing the color, size, taste and quality of the fruits to a maximum extent.
• SUPER FULORA XY, with the effect of Cryoprotectan, strengthens plants against adverse effects such as dry, hot and frost. It has an un mitigated biostimulant effect. It improves the lesions that are formed by making tissue generations by providing a quick recover from the shock.
• SUPER FULORA XY increases the flowering and provides more fruit. Better quality and uniform fruits are formed.

Water Soluble Copper (Cu ) % 1
Water Soluble Manganese ( Mn ) % 0,5
Water Soluble Zinc (Zn) % 0,5